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Qreuz cookie-free tracking

Cookie-free user tracking

Upgrade to Qreuz’s WordPress service and track clean, fast, and rich data. Track pure visitor metrics, get behavior insights, and learn more about performance statistics.

Qreuz AI-powered insights

AI-powered performance insights

Uncover high-performing paid campaigns with more accurate sales attributions. Using AI attributed data, identify hidden growth patterns.

qreuz omni-channel synchronization

Omni-channel data synchronization

With Qreuz, you can set up multiple Connectors with just one installation. Optimize your marketing with enriched data sent to each of your channels and tools. 

Qreuz cookie-free tracking

Welcome to a new generation of tracking: cookie-free and accuracy obsessed

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What makes us special:

Qreuz AI-powered insights

AI-powered performance insights

Save money and understand your business with:

Actionable insights about your marketing campaigns’ performance

AI empowered attribution

Cross-device conversion tracking

Deep training of historical data and ongoing optimization

qreuz omni-channel synchronization

Omni-channel data synchronization

Qreuz tracks, attributes and then forwards the enriched data to other marketing tools, ad networks, etc.

Enriched data forwarding

Forward your attributed data to the tools you already have

Get consistent enriched data across all your digital marketing channels

Qreuz Integrations list

Connect with the tools you already love

Qreuz’s WordPress service forwards your enriched data to your favorite tools and platforms such as ad networks, e-commerce, analytics, CRM, marketing automation, etc. 

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