UX Design: The State of CTA Buttons (2020)

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There are two types of CTA buttons in the e-commerce and UX design world; those that convert optimally and those that don’t. Smart digital businesses spend countless hours (ergo a lot of money) on testing the effectiveness of their call-to-action buttons. Blue or green? Round or Rectangular? What exactly needs to be said and how?

Now you have two choices here, you can make a wild guess and land on whatever color looks good to you, or you can benefit from the research done for you right here.

Seeing as you’ve clicked on the article and made it this far, I’m guessing you’re going to choose the second and read on!

Still here?


In May 2020, Qreuz carried out a call-to-action study (CTA) including 100 sites from the U.S., Canada, Australia, the U.K. and Germany. We chose 20 of the most-visited sites in each of the countries, as ranked by Alexa, as of May 14th, 2020. In this article, we show you how these popular sites have answered those color, shape and wording questions every e-commerce entrepreneur has when optimizing their store for conversion.

CTA Button Colors

We looked at 100 of the top-visited sites in five different countries and of those, the five most common colors were blue, green, red. white, and purple. Even though these five colors were the most popular, they were not the only colors found, so the data in this graph has been normalized. This to show the normal distribution of these colors in each of the five countries chosen in this study. Yikes, Northern America, is not a fan of green. Blue, though. Blue wins.

CTA colors
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As we mentioned, these were not all the colors that showed up on the 100 sites in this study. We have broken down the results for each country to get a more detailed insight into the color choices of the top-visited sites in each country.

The Most Popular Colors for CTA Buttons in the U.S.

The Most Popular Colors for CTA Buttons in Canada

The Most Popular Colors for CTA Buttons in Australia

The Most Popular Colors for CTA Buttons in the U.K.

The Most Popular Colors for CTA Buttons in Germany

CTA Buzzwords

We also scanned the CTA buttons on the 100 popular sites in this study for their choice of wording. We found the two most common buzzwords used in CTAs were “now” and “free”, so we will focus on the results for those two words. We have also included the percentage of buttons that used both “now” and “free” in their call-to-action, as well as neither.

“Now” was more common the “free” in all of the countries (except for the U.K.) to varying degrees. However, it looks like most of the sites overall thought less was more by using no such buzzwords, especially in the U.K.

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The results from each country can be found in the links below if you are more interested in the individual findings.

The Most Popular CTA Buzzwords U.S. 2020

The Most Popular CTA Buzzwords Canada 2020

The Most Popular CTA Buzzwords Australia 2020

The Most Popular CTA Buzzwords U.K. 2020

The Most Popular CTA Buzzwords Germany 2020

CTA Button Shape

The third feature we focused on for this call-to-action study was the shape of the buttons on these top-ranking sites. Is there more to the shape than just aesthetic? The three CTA button shapes on these sites, and most sites you’ll find on e-commerce stores are rounded, rectangular with “hard” corners and rectangular with “soft” corners. The “soft” rectangle was the real outlier in this section of the study. In every single country, the soft rectangle dominates the other two shapes.

CTA shapes 2020
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Of course, we have the individual results available and linked below!

The Shape of CTA Buttons U.S. 2020

The Shape of CTA Buttons Canada 2020

The Shape of CTA Buttons Australia 2020

The Shape of CTA Buttons U.K. 2020

The Shape of CTA Buttons Germany 2020

What the CTA buttons have in common

The 100 call-to-action buttons in this study by Qreuz were found on the top-visited sites in five different countries; the U.S. Canada, Australia, the U.K. and Germany. These are some of the most noted sites around the world.
We commend your smarts by utilizing the information available to you. The information on what design decisions some of the most successful sites in the world have in common for their CTA buttons. (We have that summarized for you in the graphic below!)

cta button statistics
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If you’re only targeting one or two of these markets, here are the top results in each of the countries we looked at in this study.

CTA Button Statistics U.S. 2020

CTA Button Statistics Canada 2020

CTA Button Statistics Australia 2020

CTA Button Statistics U.K. 2020

Final words

Qreuz is here to support you on your e-commerce journey, and with that, we want to provide you with information that is going to make you feel more confident in your decisions. We would always recommend testing your own market with some call-to-action button designs and deciding on what serves your users best.

Comment below and share this research if you found it useful. I bet there’s an e-commerce entrepreneur out there somewhere flustered about deciding between green and blue.

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