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3 Examples of Great Holiday Marketing Campaigns

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<![CDATA[It can be fun to take a closer look into holiday marketing campaigns, which can provide great inspiration for your own holiday marketing efforts. As the holiday season gets closer, we can all start to look forward to cheap TVs, huge turkeys, and Christmas presents. All the while, businesses will be as busy as the elves in Santa’s workshop trying to come up with the best marketing campaigns for the holidays.
An amazing campaign or sale can put a business in the black for the whole next year. Campaigns can drive awareness of brands through word of mouth and social sharing, and drastically increase sales. Christmas means different things to different people, so it can be difficult for brands to appeal to several different markets.
However, there is some universal appeal of the holiday season that businesses can capitalize on. Ideas such as the act of giving, peace, spending time with others, and family can all give people a bit of a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. A great holiday campaign can combine these ideas with a special holiday offer that will make everyone happy.


Wicked Good Cupcakes has run their Taste of Home holiday campaign for the past four years. The company sells cupcakes in a jar, as well as other delicious dessert goodies. For fans of Shark Tank, this company may sound familiar. Wicked Good Cupcakes was featured on the famous show, and are supported by Kevin O’Leary, a Shark Tank Investor. The idea of Taste of Home is to send cupcakes as a special surprise to soldiers who aren’t able to be home with their families and enjoy the taste of their family’s holiday dinner. The campaign offers customers a chance to spread some goodwill by allowing them to pay for a cupcake at a discounted price to be sent to troops overseas.

Wicked Good Cupcakes
Source: Wicket Good Cupcakes

The best part of this holiday campaign is that it wasn’t focused on the company or the discount theyoffered their customers. It was instead focused on doing something good for others, which is part of what the holiday season is all about. Wicked Good Cupcakes did something different than what companies usually do during the holidays. Unlike many charitable campaigns, Taste of Home requires the company and its customers to work together to send the cupcakes to the troops. The campaign only works if the customers purchase the cupcakes, otherwise they won’t be sent to the soldiers. The company gives a little, customers give a little, and the soldiers benefit from enjoying some delicious cupcakes.
Wicked Good Cupcakes used social media, as well as their website, to advertise during their Taste of Campaign. The company used Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to promote their holiday campaign, and also posted pictures of the troops enjoying their donated cupcakes to each of their social media accounts. Information about the campaign was featured on the homepage of their website. They also asked schools to participate by having students make holiday cards for the troops, to be sent with the cupcakes.

#2 Topshop

Topshop, a fashion retailer, ran a holiday campaign last year called “Dear Topshop”. The Dear Topshop campaign included an interactive gift guide on the company’s website, as well as a contest on Pinterest. For its Pinterest contest, Topshop asked people to create a Pinterest board with the hashtag “#DearTopshop”, dedicated to their holiday party or Christmas Day.

Topshop holiday campaign
Source: Topshop

With the interactive gift guide, customers could search through a variety of categories, such as “a gift that will wow” or “all things that sparkle.” Customers could pin content that inspired them from Topshop’s website, as well as other websites, and then submit their boards. The top pinned products from Topshop were displayed on the retailer’s homepage every day. Prizes for the contest included tickets to a fashion show, shopping sprees, and more.
Pinterest Topshop Holiday Campaign
Source: Pinterest / Topshop

The takeaway from this holiday campaign is exposure: by running a contest on social media, Topshop drew more traffic to their Pinterest account. Social media contests can be a great way draw traffic to your website, but they also have the ability to dramatically increase followers on your social media accounts. These new followers have the potential to become new customers.

3# Target

Target’s #MyKindOfHoliday campaign is another great example of a successful holiday campaign and another example of how you can utilize social media for your online shop. The company encouraged customers to join the conversation through various social media platforms, to share their own holiday traditions. Also included in the marketing campaign were last-minute shopping tips on Twitter, how-to videos and photos to help inspire creative gifts and weekly Instagram challenges. Along with holiday-inspired content on social media platforms, Target also displayed social icons on their inserts and throughout their catalogs. The company’s Pinterest account featured four “inspiring themes” to help customers host their “Best.Party.Ever.”, as well as Holiday Catalog boards featuring links to videos with holiday ideas and shoppable catalog spreads.

Target Holiday Campaign
Source: Target

Not only did Target promote their own products during the #MyKindOfHoliday campaign, they also provided content that their customers would find value in, such as shopping tips, decorating ideas, and other entertaining holiday-themed ideas like “decoding letters to Santa.” By promoting your products in a more entertaining or helpful way, customers are more likely to engage with your brand and have more interest in your advertising.
There are many different ways you can go about creating a great holiday marketing campaign, whether it’s offering a special discount, running a contest, or providing valuable holiday-themed content. Using social media, such as Pinterest boards and hashtags, can also dramatically increase traffic to your online shop and grow a loyal following on your social media pages.

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