Conversion Rate Optimization in Shopify – How to get More Items in the Shopping Cart

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Conversion Rate Optimization in Shopify is a technique for converting the organic traffic visiting your business website into paying customers. The percentage that defines the ratio of leads (organic traffic) and customers could be defined as a conversion rate. The process of improving the marketing strategies to optimize the conversion rate is called Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

Every day, billions of potential customers visit your online store on Shopify. While some of these are a part of return traffic, for most this is their first visit, so they will make a quick decision, based on the look and feel of your page, whether or not to spend money on your product. Only by allowing your page maximal optimization can one take complete advantage of their potential customer base and increase the sheer number of purchases or conversions.

Why Should you Seek a High Conversion Rate?

A high conversion rate presents a wide array of new opportunities for your online presence.

  • The higher the conversion rate, the more profit you are making by a sheer increase in  volume of sales.
  • With a higher conversion, the online presence and reach of your Shopify page and products increases, resulting in more traffic. Now this increased number of traffic can again result in higher conversion if you have employed the proper conversion rate optimization techniques. This, in turn, inspires a positive profit-making circle that increases both your reach and profit.
  • The more you sell, the more your product is sought after and desirable, which,in turn, leads to further conversions.

Ignoring conversion rate optimization results in a loss of conversion and profit and would eventually prove to be a great hindrance in this age of cutthroat competition. Let’s take a look at how you can turn your Shopify business around by employing the right kind of tricks to set up more conversions.

Techniques for Conversion Rate Optimization in Shopify:

For starters, always take advantage of the basic optimization opportunities that Shopify readily presents to improve your ecommerce page.  Use Shopify’s inbuilt features for SEO optimization like having Title-Tags, Product Description, Meta Description, Image ALT Tags and automatic generation of sitemaps. No matter what kind of traffic you receive, SEO optimization always boosts your presence and your conversion to a basic degree.
However, to ensure further conversion rate optimization in Shopify we need to put in some extra effort, which will distinguish  you from the millions of other pages.

1. Add Compelling Content:

As the saying goes, content is king. Product descriptions should entice the customer and tempt them into clicking the Add to Cart button. Descriptions should appeal to the customer’s senses. Geographic descriptions work amazingly well for certain products (think slow roasted organic coffee from Portland or Humboldt Fog, the ripened cheese coming out of the heart of California, etc) and so do words like “hand-made,” “sustainable,” “environmentally friendly,” “traditional” etc., that give a sense of exclusivity and intimacy to the product that speaks directly to the sensibility of your target customer. But do keep it short and succinct to maximize impact.

2. Add Tempting & Zoomable Photographs:

Product photographs have to tempt. Think of paintings in a museum and how they are lit, cataloged, and presented to invite contemplation from the viewer. Without the professional, appealing lighting, would the paintings appear the same? Similarly, when you are putting up content and descriptions of your product, make sure to add high-definition and zoomable photographs that the potential buyers can go through. This is a great chance to impress your target base without even saying a word. Show them what they are getting and show it to them in the best possible way. A well-presented product makes all the difference between a look through and a converted customer.

3. Add a FAQ section:

Market research says that customers are often undecided about buying a product because they have unanswered questions. Adding an FAQ section to your product page means the customer can easily find answers to their questions. Scan through questions you receive over email or through phone calls and add the ones that are most frequently asked to this section. If a customer emails you regarding a product, they will most often change their mind by the time they receive a reply. Understand that if customers are asking questions, they are interested in your product. Take this opportunity to clear away their doubts and set up a successful conversion.

4. Add a Live Chat:

An integrated Live Chat means that your customers can get their queries resolved while they are on your site. Not only does this make your business more accessible, it also gives you an opportunity to help your customers make a buying decision.More often than not, this is indeed a favorable one. Having a live chat window shows the customer that you are always there to help, listen, and care. Being able to give your customers this bit of personal guarantee increases your business goodwill over the long run and ensures repeat customers and greater conversions.

5. Allow Customer Reviews:

Allowing customer reviews adds credibility and transparency to your business. Reviews can offer assurance to new visitors and help them make a buy decision. A customer wants to know whether your product is good and whether can they trust you with being able to deliver said product. Customer reviews work as default endorsements and ground level marketing. Not having a review section, on the other hand, can make your customers question whether you are trying to hide something in regards to the quality of your product or service.

6. Prominently Display Badges and Seals:

If your product is endorsed or certified by a reputable firm, let your visitor know with a prominent badge or seal, instead of including it in a textual description. This adds to the impression of credibility and trustworthiness of your products. Including press mentions is also a good idea. Studies have shown that customers view this sort of data and visual representation data as a real-life validation of the quality of the product, which guarantees a greater degree of conversion. Gaining trust and delivering on that trust to boost your sales is an age-old trick for making greater sales. seals, badges, and shields help you do that in today’s digital platforms.

7. Offer Free Shipping:

Offering free shipping is a great way to boost sales. High shipping rates often deter customers from taking that step from Add to Cart to Checkout. If you do offer free shipping, clearly mention that on the product description page. If you do not, change your game plan and include it in your portfolio. Customers do not want to pay extra, and if you can deliver a certain product without charging extra where everybody else charges shipping, every single customer will make you their first choice.

8. Add Product Videos:

Customers look for the opportunity to make an informed decision before making a purchase. A textual description or a few photos can improve the chances of a conversion, but there is nothing like a well-shot product video displaying the product highlights to capture your potential buyer’s attraction. Studies show that customers are a whopping 144% more likely to buy a product if there is a product video highlighting a 3600 view of the product, it’s working mechanism and applicative uses.

9. Give a Money Back Guarantee:

If you are confident about the quality of the product, demonstrate that to your potential customers by offering a money back guarantee. A customer will trust your product if they can see that you have the same confidence in your product. Make sure to display it loudly and boldly on your product description page to attract potential conversions right off the bat.

Additional Tricks for Conversion Rate Optimization in Shopify:

Now that we have looked at some major ways you can influence your customers, here is a quick checklist of the little details, which will do wonders for your Shopify page.

  • Make page navigation super easy.
  • Remove any redundant content, including overtly distracting social media buttons and share options.
  • Make sure your Shopify page is customized and optimized for mobile and tablet views. These are the devices the new generation shops on.
  • Include long form product descriptions that add narrative and tell a story.
  • Do not rely too much on associate tabs and include all the major information from the get-go.
  • Bundle similar products.
  • Employ up-selling to show the best available but higher priced product to let your customer pick the best available product.
  • Set up reminder email options & a ready wish list to bring your customer back over & over.
  • Brand your product and build a relationship through familiarity.

At the end of the day, keep in mind that in order to propagate your online business you need to deliver on your promises. While CRO techniques will help more products be added to the shopping cart initially, repeat conversions depend on the quality of the product that you promise and deliver. Make sure that you make good on these counts and your Shopify page will become the gateway to unparalleled online business success.


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