Percentage of CTA Buttons with “Now” and “Free”

Qreuz conducted a study of the most popular buzzwords used for call-to-action (CTA) buttons in the U.S., Canada, Australia, the U.K. and Germany. From each of the countries, we chose 20 of the top 50 most-visited sites (with CTAs), as ranked by Alexa, as of May 14th, 2020.

We found the two most common buzzwords used in CTAs were “now” and “free”, so we will focus on the results for those two words. We have also included the percentage of buttons that used both “now” and “free” in their call-to-action, as well as neither.

“Now” was more common in all of the countries (except for the U.K.) to varying degrees.

In the U.S. “now” features on 40% of the CTA buttons and “free” features on only 15%. Both “now” and “free” were used together on 5% of U.S. call-to-action buttons. Neither were used on 40%.

In Canada, the percentage of buzzwords used at all decreases in comparison to the U.S. Only 30% of the CTA buttons in the Canadian sites in this study used “now”. Only 10% used “free”. 5% used both while a sizeable 55% used neither of the two buzzwords on their call-to-action buttons.

We see the popularity of “now” increasing when we look to Australia. They have the highest percentage use of “now” out of all 5 countries with 45% of the Australian sites in this study adding “now” to their CTAs. 15% of them used “free”. 5% have both. 35% have neither “now” nor “free” on their call-to-action buttons.

The U.K. uses the least amount of buzzwords in the CTAs out of all of the countries in this study. “Now” and “free” feature alone on 15% of their call-to-action buttons. They appear together on 5% of the CTAs and a considerable 65% use neither of these buzzwords to entice their users to convert.

Finally, we look to the only non-native English country in this study. The most-visited sites in Germany also feature a lower percentage of buzzwords on their CTAs. 25% of the top visited sites in Germany in this study used the buzzword “now” on their call to action buttons. 15% used “free” and 60% used neither “now” nor “free”. None of these sites used both buzzwords together.

As part of our CTA study, Qreuz also looked at the colors used on the call-to-action buttons in the U.S., Canada, Australia, the U.K and Germany. You can find the results of that research here.