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for WooCommerce

for WooCommerce

What can Qreuz do?

WooCommerce sales tracking

Capture sales automatically
Create your sales pipeline
Get conversion insights

Add-to-cart tracking

Automated ATC tracking
Build your remarketing lists
Optimize your sales funnel

Behavioral tracking

Understand customer behavior
Identify conversion killers
Double-down on sweet spots

Inventory optimization

Upsell your long-tail
Automate catalog sales
Dig out hidden treasures

Automate pricing

Increase conversion rates
Grow your cart values
Price based on algorithms

Dynamic pricing

Dynamically adjust prices
Audience-based price levels
Real-time price updates

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Why Qreuz?
Qreuz cookie-free tracking

Cookie-free user tracking

Upgrade to Qreuz’s WordPress service and track clean, fast, and rich data. Track pure visitor metrics, get behavior insights, and learn more about performance statistics.

Qreuz AI-powered insights

AI-powered performance insights

Uncover high performing paid campaigns with more accurate sales attributions. Using AI attributed data, identify hidden growth patterns.

qreuz omni-channel synchronization

Omni-channel data synchronization

With Qreuz, you can set up multiple Connectors with just one installation. Optimize your marketing with enriched data sent to each of your channels and tools.