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With Zapier, you can interlink all your apps automatically. It’s like IFTTT on steroids…

Zapier is a US-based digital service that specializes in integrating all the web applications used by their client to create a systematic workflow. This California-based Company creates an uninterrupted workflow between apps, where every application is correlated with each other.
Zapier rotates information between applications automatically in order to create a smooth flow of tasks without the intervention of the user. It promotes the idea of artificial intelligence and puts web applications to their best use. With Zapier, your work can become 10 times more effective while doing the bare minimum.
Zapier was founded by Wade Foster, Mike Knoop, and Bryan Helmig in Missouri in 2011. The project was initially turned down at “Startup Weekend” in Columbia, but after many changes made by these co-founders, the startup gained recognition in 2012.
After its acceptance in Y Combinator Seed Accelerator, the company moved to Mountain View in California. In the same year, Zapier was funded with $1.3M by Bessemer Venture Partners.
Zapier operates by creating “Zaps”, which are blueprints or drafts for carrying out a task. By creating a Zap, the linkage between apps happens automatically without going over it again and again. With Zapier, you can customise the flow of circulation of information between apps and add as many details as needed in your Zap.
The tool offers a dashboard to manage your zap efficiently. This dashboard creates a very capable system for syncing all your applications without having to wait for developers to create integrations for you.
There is also an option to review the task history to see all your successful zaps and identify those zaps that did not get executed properly. You have the option to replay those zaps again for a reassessment.
Although you do have an option to customize your zap, in case you find the system a bit complex or hectic, you have an option to choose from the pre-existing sets of integrations. This option saves you a lot of time by serving you a premade Zap.
Zapier comes with a free trial for 5 days, after which you can buy the services of Zapier at $250.00 per month and get a whole kit of tools that are not available in the trial version of this software.
With Zapier, you can integrate around 750 apps in one go and make your workflow as seamless as it gets. This is an excellent tool to have a smooth workflow management. The creation of Zaps in Zapier is well-explained and not very complicated to carry out. It is a versatile system that manages your tasks for you while you manage your task in hand.
Zapier has a multitude of features like the availability of task history, ease of exporting or importing files from any of your apps, creation of a flexible dashboard, availability of readymade integrations, connectivity between work apps and much more.
Zapier, with its flexible pricing and customisable zaps, comes across as one of the best work management software available on the market. Sign up with Zapier to have a hassle free work and take care of the more important tasks at hand.]]>

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