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Trello is a leading project management tool based on Kanban boards.

Trello is an online application created for project management. It is the perfect tool to be incorporated into your team assignments, with input coming from several different departments or personnel.
Trello is a very versatile application that can be used for personal as well as organizational uses. With Trello, you can create a smooth workflow, create your own efficient team, and keep a 24×7 sync to churn out very effectual and rewarding results.
Trello came into its inception in 2011 by Fog Creek Software. Trello was written in CoffeeScript and was assembled in Javascript. The server of Trello was built upon MongoDB.
After its success, Trello went on to become an independent company in 2014. In 2017, Trello was sold at a price of $360M and is now being operated by the New York-based company Atlassian Corporation Plc.
Trello was designed to enhance cohesiveness in group activities and create a better flow of communication while carrying out assignments.
It has a web-based system that makes sure the work done by each individual gets updated and every single person working on that project is aware of the progress. This system ensures that there is no duplication of work or wasted efforts.
Trello’s  “Trello Board” works like an online conference system where every individual is aware of the work being done. Trello Board makes sure that every new individual joining the project gets a proper orientation.
Trello has a system of creating several different departments, which ensure proper segregation and unification amongst those departments.
Trello has an option of creating “Trello cards” that let every member of the project add any comment, appreciation notes, and feedback for the work being carried out.
It is a platform where you can integrate your work apps to create a smoothly functioning project, and prevent any disruption of workflow.
You can synchronize this tool with all your different devices,  ensuring that you stay connected with your team at any time or any place. If you’re stuck in a meeting or on a family vacation, you can connect with your teammates with just one click. The syncing option makes working very feasible and hassle-free.
It comes with a free trial period offer where you can attach up to 10MB of data with unlimited boards. After this, you have two options for buying Trello: $9.99 per user and month for the business class and the enterprise class. It offers a wider variety of tools when paid for.
Trello is a very efficient application to measure your progress and monitor all your colleagues, as well as subordinates, while not requiring nagging as the tool ensures transparency. Trello, from the very beginning of its existence, has been recognized as one of the most innovative and lucrative applications to exist. In 2011, Trello was recognized by the Wired magazine as one of the coolest start-ups of 2011.
It now stands as one of the most used applications worldwide with several big homes like Google, Pixar, and Adobe etc. related to it.
Trello is an excellent tool that can create your grocery list and conduct your most important business operation. Sign up at Trello today to have a more organized workflow whether for a personal or professional purpose.  ]]>

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