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Snip.ly allows you to share other people’s content and leverage the traffic you generate for yourself at the same time.

Sniply is a digital marketing tool that allows its clients to add customised messages to any website they post. After this, viewers can click on this customised message or “call-to-action” and the viewers can visit the website of the client.
For example, when a visitor clicks on a Snip.ly URL, he or she views the original content that mentions or involves a “call-to-action”. This allows clients to gain website traffic since then the internet surfer or social media followers will randomly appear on the client’s websites and might end up becoming a customer.
Snip.ly was founded in 2010 in San Francisco by co-founders Abhijit Rao and Zal Bilimoria. The company has seen many changes and expansions since that time.
Snip.ly lets you land new customers without becoming a nagging marketer. The mechanism of Sniply works in a subtle way where regular social media surfers and followers end up encountering the business that Snip.ly is trying to market.
Snip.ly performs a multitude of tasks for your website. Apart from incorporating a call-to-action on any webpage, it keeps track of how the audience is engaging with the shared links. It also keeps a track of the conversion rates and the number of links and much more.
Snip.ly cleverly uses curated content to get their client’s website featured on famous websites flooded with traffic.
The tool not only benefits the clients but it also poses as a great advantage for the website on which the client’s website is featured. With this tool, not only the client is getting website traffic, but the host is also getting good quality content on his website. Snip.ly simply boosts the efforts of its clients’ inbound marketing.
Snip.ly is very easy to set up. The interface of this software is smooth, with the option of viewing live updates as you’re working on your call-to-action. With Sniply, you can share quality content on your website while not continuously nagging and selling your own content.
According to a lot of customers, Snip.ly has helped them land some amazing and consistent customers and has helped them create good leads for their enterprise.
Snip.ly offers the option of trying the service on a free trial period, apart from which there are different packages like basic, pro, business, and agency.
Basic is the cheapest package that starts from $29.00 per month. It allows one team member, two brand profiles, and 5,000 clicks per month. The packages get more expensive after “Basic”, and the range goes as high as $299.00 per month, which allows for 10 team members and 250,000 clicks per month.
Sniply helps its clients create a great balance between delivering good quality content without badgering or pushing their own content. It helps the website gain new viewers every day.
This tool is now one of the most famous digital services that exists, and has now been taken up by many businesses. Snip.ly is currently working with many famous businesses like Forbes, Moz Blog, Quick Sprout, etc.
Sign up at Snip.ly to get organic traffic at your website with the free trial package and buy any package as per your requirements if you like the tool.  ]]>

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