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With SimilarWeb you can investigate your competitors’ websites’ performance.

SimilarWeb is a digital company created to assess the market and identify rival companies. This software enables you to recognize emerging trends, possible competitors and helps you strategize to produce the best results.
Apart from this, SimilarWeb takes care of optimizing your website, discovering marketing strategies and creating new leads for future business prospects. SimilarWeb assists you in finding business partners and helps you in making contact with people who will be interested in your company.
SimilarWeb sells its software as a service and provides professional services as well as custom reports to its clients.
SimilarWeb came into existence in 2007 in Tel Aviv by Or Offer and the company flourished from that point onwards.
In 2009, SimilarWeb was in the limelight of International media, owing to its win in Israeli SeedCamp. SimilarWeb gained a lot of attention from global investors and rose $1.1M. In that very year, SimilarWeb expanded by adding a browser extension. This extension went by the name “SimilarSites” and carried out the feature of helping the visitor find websites based on similar platforms to the ones they were surfing.
In 2013, the company raised $2.5M and further expanded. In 2014, Media Tycoon Naspers invested $18M into the company to sponsor Series C. In addition to this, Naspers and LD Alliance further funded Series D of SimilarWeb.
From its birth, SimilarWeb it has seen drastic development and the addition of Series B, C, and D have taken this tool to another level.
SimilarWeb is an excellent tool to measure your progress against your competitors and see where you stand in the market. This tool aids you in identifying the strategies taken by your competitors and revealing their analytics. It is always very fruitful to get vital information like the analytics and strategies of your competitors in order to have an upper hand on the market.
SimilarWeb works as an agent to help you recognize the emerging trends in an ever-evolving and dynamic market. It helps you discover many budding opportunities and informs you about the entrance of new players into the market.
SimilarWeb gives you information on website overviews and a website audience in a very detailed manner with aspects like global ranks, traffic share, audience interests, etc.
SimilarWeb is available for a free trial but with a limited number of tools. You can buy the service offered by SimilarWeb at $199.00 per month. In this package, you will get many more tools like industry analysis, unique visitors, etc.
SimilarWeb extracts data from various sources like web crawlers, web surfers stocked with a portfolio of various apps, software and plugins, and a panel encompassing global ISP data.
SimilarWeb collects its data in anonymity in order to get the most accurate results while maintaining confidentiality.
The best part about SimilarWeb is the detailed website of this tool that gives complete transparency to its clients and displays the entire working of this web-based intelligence.
Currently, SimilarWeb has acquired a new intelligence start-up, Quettra, and is striving to expand its reach to all the areas of online intelligence. Famous clients of SimilarWeb include Adidas, Flipkart, Samsung, eBay, and PayPal.
SimilarWeb is a one-stop shop for all your website needs and necessities. It takes care of your marketing strategies, competitors, website ranking, website traffic, and optimization. If you need to optimize your website to deliver the best of your business, then sign up at SimilarWeb today. ]]>

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