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What is 'SendinBlue'?

SendinBlue is an email marketing tool to take care of your newsletters, marketing automation, SMS marketing, and transactional email. It features everything you need to take care of all the outbound customer communication of your digital business.

SendinBlue is a platform and toolset that helps you to master your outbound customer communication. The European company, based in Paris, complies with the data privacy standards of the General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR), runs a transparent model which is not tied to the number of your subscribers, and features newsletters, automation, and SMS text messages.

No matter if you are running an online store or if you are looking for an email marketing tool for any other digital business, SendinBlue gets you covered. There are plugins and integrations with manifold platforms. You can easily generate subscribers, manage lists and segments, and build workflows to automate your business growth with emails.

Also, if you need SMS text messages, those are available from the platform. With them, you can build a second communication channel which helps you to engage with your audience.

In terms of reputation management, SendinBlue provides deep insights into every single email being sent. The platform guides you through domain and sender authentication, and you can get a dedicated IP.

Key features of SendinBlue are:

Sending emails

  • Newsletter campaigns
  • HTML/rich media editor
  • Personalized emails
  • Transactional emails

Managing contact lists

  • Custom contact fields
  • Subscription forms
  • Segmentation of contacts

Multi-channel customer communication

  • Landing page builder
  • Subscription forms
  • SMS marketing
  • Transactional SMS

Automation & reporting

  • Scenario builder
  • Lead scoring
  • Heat map
  • Real-time statistics
  • A/B testing

Typical use-cases for SendinBlue are:

  • taking care of all the email of your digital business
  • sending transactional email for your online store
  • sending newsletters
  • sending automated workflows like abandoned cart emails
  • automating the onboarding of new users

Why choose SendinBlue vs. others?

SendinBlue combines relevant features to send newsletters, SMS text messages, and transactional emails. The platform combines robust list management with easy to integrate tracking, segmentation, and automation features. Key values are the transparent pricing model without subscriber limitations, and their GDPR compliance.

The information on this page has been sourced from SendinBlue's official website. You can find them at www.sendinblue.com

Alternatives to SendinBlue:

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