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SEMrush helps you to understand the metrics behind search marketing. It gives you access to volumes of searchable keywords and domain reports.

SEMrush is a complete package of marketing tools curated for web-based marketing professionals. It is one of the most popular SEO tools to increase your website traffic by analyzing competitors and conducting site auditing.
This toolkit analyses and recognizes keywords used by successful blogs and helps you draft better website content.
SEMrush will not only analyze the keywords used by your competitors but will also give you a list of their fruitful backlinks and all the other necessary information you to need to optimize your site.
SEMrush came into existence in August 2008 and was created by Oleg Shchegolev. This US-based digital start-up currently houses around 250,000 employees and offers 25 SEO tools to its clients.
It currently offers services in around 140 countries and is one of the top leaders in its field. It operates on 30 databases to ensure accuracy in the analysis of backlinks and website traffic.
Keywords play an important role in creating organic website traffic but finding the right keywords is never an easy job. Without incorporating the right keywords in your website, your site will never make it to the top of the list of a Google search. This is where SEMrush comes into action, as it analyses all those keywords that are creating website traffic for your competing blogs and sites.
Along with listing these keywords, SEMrush will also list the percentage of the contribution made by these keywords in bringing traffic to your competitor’s website.
A lot of websites have several loopholes that restrict their reach, even though the quality of their content is top notch. SEMrush offers “Site auditing” that performs auditing on your site which will recognize all the errors present on your website. Errors like broken links, missing keywords, etc. hinder the growth of your website, and that is why it is imperative to conduct website auditing every once in a while.
SEMrush also offers tools to enhance the quality of the content on your website. It lets you evaluate the performance of your content on external sources. It equips you with the metrics you need to carry this task out.
SEMrush lets you identify all those backlinks that are leading visitors back to your website. You can analyze these backlinks and asses if they are untrusted sources.
SEMrush is available at three different prices for a monthly subscription: Pro at $99.95, Guru at $199.95 and Business starting at $399.95. Each of these will present you with different tools and as the price increases, so will the tools.
SEMrush offers brand monitoring tool which lets you keep a track of the position and reputation of your site on the web. Keeping an eye on the reputation of your website is a very crucial step towards having a successful business.
Along with brand monitoring tool, SEMrush gives you the option to execute a deep assessment of your competitors and find your position in the market by clicking “organic search” on the sidebar.
SEMrush has a vast database of around 120M keywords and 50M domains. It is currently associated with big businesses like Hyatt, Philips, Forbes, etc.
SEMrush is a great digital marketing kit that offers vital services to optimize your website’s content and traffic, create leads for your business and much more.
Sign up today for SEMrush and increase the reach and efficiency of your website.]]>

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