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With Mixpanel, you can track the activities performed by users on your website or device.

Mixpanel is a web-based application which allows you to analyze data and track the activities triggering it.
This amazing website was introduced by Suhail Doshi and Tim Trefren. Both of them completed an engineering degree in Computer Science from Arizona State University and also studied Y-Combinator, which backed Mixpanel. It started functioning in 2009 out of San Francisco, California. It was later, in 2015, that it broadcasted Codeless Mobile Analytics, which help in the tracking of user interactions.
It’s always interesting to find out how many people actually read what you publish. Feeding this curiosity, Mixpanel works upon the statistical data of how many people visited your website.
Not only this, it also lets you know who actually opened your website. It is a master in providing you the detailed personal identification of the company or person who dropped into your page.
Also, it notifies you every time some changes are made in your uploaded data. For an instance, if somebody posted an article on your account or tagged you in some sort of post, the app will give you information and details about that.
It also works with the data collected by the readers of various survey forms to understand user retention and engagement as well.
This is a boon to the business industry, as it gives them accurate data on how their users react to a particular type of content. This helps the companies modify or edit data and regularly track the progress or decrease of the number of views on their posts.
Speaking about the features of this website, the most attractive quality is its understanding and accuracy of the nature of customers. It surfaces the insight of how people are using your product and what it is that they like or dislike about it.
It is also an analytical platform that answers all your unanswered questions. Ask it the toughest questions and it gives you a reliable and relatable answer in a fraction of a second.
Its automated messaging feature makes it even more interesting. The working of this feature is pretty cool. For example, if a person visited your website six times within a month, the app will track this particular person and will start sending automatic messages which might encourage him or her more to visit the website more frequently.
Another amazing feature of Mixpanel is that it enables you to tie the details of your company to the people using your website so that you know who they are and what their activity status on your website is.
You can create funnels or visual representations in order to see customers’ response to various events.
A series of plans are open for you to purchase, starting from a free trial of two months to a $999.00 plan for a year. The premium plan consists of advanced features with 12-month data history storage.
It also keeps a track record of each and every activity and its users from day one so that, no matter how many days have passed, you can analyze and track your past activities whenever you want.
Nevertheless, it also gives you a professional editing feature, where you can edit the outlook of the app and add or remove various features at your convenience.
Mixpanel will help your business flourish for good. So sign up and enhance your marketing technique with this tool.]]>

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