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IFTTT allows you to connect your apps and digital services with each other in order to automate them.

IFTTT, which stands for “If This Then That”, is also pronounced “ift”. It is a web-based service that ensures that you optimally utilize the functions of your applications.
The original project of IFTTT was announced in 2010 by Linden Tibbets. It was later developed by Tibbets and Jesse Tane, the co-founder. Linden Tibbets studied Computer Engineering at Santa Clara University and later worked as a software engineer at Wave Systems.
“Put the internet to work for you” is the tagline of IFTTT, which describes its functions and abilities well. It supports around 110 services, including both Android and iOS-based applications like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and many more.
Some distinct terms which you might come across while using IFTTT include channels, services, recipes, and applets. The various internet applications you access via this are known as the services or channels.
Recipes, on the other hand, are the certain modifications you might like to add to your final post. These are already made in the app and can even be customized. You can create your own recipe to get the outcome of your choice.
‘Applet’ is yet another frequently used phrase you might come across. This refers to the set of conditional statements created in chains that will notify you when any change or addition is made in your uploaded content.
To understand the working of IFTTT you need to create an account by signing up with your name, email, and password. With these three simple details, you can sign in to your account. After signing in, you will be able to access the IFTTT dashboard, which will then help you with the further functioning.
The app creates a recipe itself the moment you enter your account and sends a recommended recipe to your mailbox for assistance daily. Other than this, you will find a brief explanation on the working of the services and the applets together.
The name of the application can thus be understood at this point.  Breaking down “If This Then That”,  we can understand “This” to be the trigger, the service, or the channel and “That” to be the applet or the recipe.
After this, you will have the option to create your personal recipe. It will allow you to add more features to your posts and will also give you suggestions regarding effective customization. You can add these customized recipes on your dashboard. They can be turned on and off according to your choice from the dashboard itself. You also have the option to edit or delete these applets, according to your usage.
IFTTT has succeeded in connecting distinct internet-based services under one roof. It involves mild technologically advanced functions which need to be understood well to perform efficient tasks in using the application. It is a great platform to add and use various web tools to increase the efficiency of your post.
IFTTT has become a significant step towards executing various business activities in an industry which thrives on promoting fierce competition for its rivals.]]>

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