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Hootsuite is a social media marketing tool that enables you to manage all your social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest etc. on a single platform.

Social media is the most trending marketing platform in today’s tech-friendly epoch. With the introduction of so many leading and popular social media sites, handling all of them has become a time consuming and strenuous task.
In light of this, HootSuite is a social media management dais. It was founded in 2008 by Ryan Holmes. This Vernon-based man is a leading internet entrepreneur. An efficient computer programmer, Holmes slowly developed HootSuite through his agency Invoke Media.
This amazing website offers the perfect integration of social media applications like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and numerous others. Over the years, it has attracted over 15 million users in 175 countries across the globe.
HootSuite offers a dashboard which is actually a common residence of all the applications, which are integrated together. It has thus gained a lot of popularity as a leading business tool that helps you to reach out to many people without wasting much time.
It happens a lot that,  while marketing, you need to post something across all of your social media profiles. This can consume a lot of time and effort. HootSuite comes to the rescue at this point, as it allows you to post the content only once, and then it is automatically posted on the rest of your profiles.
Some outstanding features of this website can be experienced in the free trial pack offered. Gaining access to its advanced premium version, which contains many more attractive and effective features, costs a decent amount of $19.00 a month.
In terms of all that this app has to offer, what comes first is its prominent feature that allows you to post articles, videos, pictures etc. on all the websites added to the dashboard. It gives you 10 application slots where you can add ten different accounts from different websites.
The blatant scheduling feature makes it very convenient. This feature helps you to schedule the post beforehand. You can set the time at which you want the particular post to be uploaded, and then get on with your other important commitments. HootSuite will automatically upload the post on all the selected websites at the assigned time.
You can also manage a number of accounts on the same website. For example, if you have to upload a post on 10 of your facebook profiles and 20 of your Instagram profiles, HootSuite will do it in no time and without any complications.
The website also comes with a personal messaging feature, where you can send a number of messages to your target audience with just a single click.
In case you work in a team, you can easily create an organization on the HootSuite dashboard which will help you improve collaboration and coordination amongst team members by sharing a common platform across all the HootSuite accounts.
It also has an award-winning history, having won The Canadian Media Award, Shorty Award, Best Twitter App Award,  and Open Web Awards 2009.
HootSuite also has a staff of 1,000 people located in Vancouver, Singapore, and many other countries. ]]>

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