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Brandwatch lets you monitor your brand name and other search terms on social media.

Brandwatch is known as a social media monitoring system that summarizes content on the web.
Established in 2005, it is also described as one of the top social listening and analytics platform throughout the world.
This platform examines data from 80 million sources, including social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the posted product reviews. Brandwatch examines data that is used in your market campaigns, product research, reputation management, and other business-related tasks.
It comes with lots of customizable reports and expensive filters that analyze data, making it suitable for businesses with various needs.
Brandwatch searches beyond the usual demographics and monitors around two-dozen languages for keywords, your business, and its products to identify leading customers. It also has extensive filters that understand everyday slang and removes unnecessary messages along with the spam.
This platform can naturally analyze the sentiment, whether negative, positive, or neutral, such that you can keep a tab on your competitors and also monitor your reputation. It also comes with multiple dashboards that make it a functional choice for analysis and monitoring of business.
With Brandwatch, you can set up multiple dashboards for various users to personalize their search terms accordingly.
Another useful feature of Brandwatch is that it comes with an impact assessment. This platform has developed its own algorithm, based on the influence of the author, the breadth reach and likes, and shares that users have made on a particular post. The impact assessment tools show which post requires more attention.
The products like Brandwatch Vizia and Brandwatch Analytics are increasing and empowering smarter decision across the world. This software supports unlimited users but sets restrictions on how many mentions you can view per month.
You can also program this software according to your needs and the search for specific terms. Depending on the plan you choose, it narrows down the searches and also shows you the past data related to them.
Brandwatch Analytics tracks millions of the online conversations and provides you with the tools to analyze them, while Vizia allows you to have the visually engaging insights into where the actual action happens across social media. With Brandwatch Vizia, you can also present your social media results to the business. It can also be integrated with the applications like Hootsuite so that you can use the analyzed data for various applications.
This social media monitoring tool offers comprehensive yet focused marketing that will give you the in-depth insights of your products for your business.
These tools are empowering the world’s best brands and also allow them to take data-driven business actions.
For years, it has been continuing on an impressive business trajectory and has also been named a global leader in the top social listening platforms.
Currently, Brandwatch is used by 1,200 agencies and brands that include Cisco, Whirlpool, Walmart, Dell, and much more.]]>

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