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Boomerang is a tool that integrates into your Gmail account and provides you with superpowers through features like reminders and more.

Boomerang is known for being a useful and functional productivity tool. It is a thought-productivity software that will help you to focus on what matters.
With Boomerang, you can write a message and send it whenever you want, regardless of your online status. You can also check whether your email was read. Receipts and messages can also be tracked so that you can schedule reminders within Gmail.
This tool can be used to track and send responses, and with Artificial Intelligence writes the perfect email so that you can free yourself from the interruptions of other emails.
It also allows you to schedule and track the email that is required to return and be sent in at a future date. This software actually gives you control of the duration of sending and receiving email messages.
Boomerang saves you from regular interruptions with its Inbox Pause feature, which lets you stay informed with important emails. This feature will also help you stay focused by delaying messages for a temporary period of time.
It also lets you postpone incoming emails by deleting them from your inbox and then bringing them back at a desired date and time. With Inbox pause, you can block out time to focus on work and reclaim your hours of lost productivity.
Currently, there are millions of GSuite and Gmail users that use Boomerang and its integrated email sending and tracking features.
It also comes with an AI-assistant that directly composes your window. As you start writing an email, Respondable will easily be able to predict the scope of the mail, explain the analysis in an easy way, and whether or not it will receive a response, all in real time.
It will also guide you in writing the message and will also inform you if your email will be effective in starting a conversation or not.
Based on the precise and accurate data from millions of emails, Respondable features will let you strike the right tone and will also give you insights on how you write.
Through Boomerang, you can keep your inbox clean without losing track of any important emails.
Boomerang occupies a stop places in the world of productivity applications, as it makes emailing more efficient and effective with scheduling, tracking, and much more.
With Boomerang, you can schedule an email to be sent and received at optimal times, snooze the mails, and also get a reminder when you do not get a response.
This is the only service that will send you alerts if you get no response o a message. Boomerang will only inform you about the email when it actually matters.
This tool is effectively compatible with Firefox 38+, Chrome 5.0, Safari 5.1+, and Opera 15+. You can integrate it with almost any search engine and manage your emails on the go.
With Boomerang, you can easily achieve Inbox Zero in no time!]]>

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