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Blinkist is a web and mobile application that provides you with summaries of various non-fiction books in one place.

Blinkist is known as a mobile and web application that offers you more than 1,000 summaries of various non-fiction books.
From personal growth to investment, business topics, health, politics, biographies, and science, Blinkist offers you the summaries of various non-fiction categories.  New books are continuously added to their library, and around 40 new summaries are added every month.
Established in 2012 as a startup, this is also known as a book insight service that will help people to read despite the obstacles of their modern lifestyle.
This app lets you read books, pull off summaries, key insights, and explains the summary to you in an easy-to-digest form.
The Blinkist app is also described  as offering “big ideas in small packages.”
This app transforms insights from amazing nonfiction books into quick and easy-to-understand highlights.
Through this application, you can uncover the subjects that you did not even know you loved. You can also boost your professional skills by learning essential ideas in fields ranging from business to science and productivity.
The autoplay features of the Blinkist app will let you listen to your whole library on the go. You can simply explore and find new things using the discover feature that is totally designed for you. Also, the improved tagging system will let you organize and highlight the sections (in the form of blinks) that are important to you.
Simply choose what books serve you, read when you have the time, and add ideas and books to your queue to keep learning on the go.
Blinkist is available with three plans- Free, Plus, and Premium. The free plan will enable you to read one pre-selected book per day. The plus plan for 49,99 Euros gives you access to all the books, as well as offline reading. With a plus membership, you get access to 1800+ summaries along with 40 books per month.
The premium plan, for 79,99 Euros, will enable you to listen to the books with audio along with syncing highlights to Kindle and Evernote.
In October 2016, Blinkist launched the biggest update of its app. The new version came with a wide appeal and also offered you personal recommendations based on your history, curating a reading list from the staff of Blinkist and its readers, as well as sorting tools that organize your library.
Now, the latest app of Blinkist is a little more human and will also enhance your overall experience of listening and reading.
Blinkist is all about keeping you inspired to keep learning. Everyone loves to read and Blinkist fills the learning gap and makes acquiring knowledge and exploring effortless. So, sign up today for the free trial and get an unlimited access to the entire library of texts and audio!]]>

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