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Bing is a free web search engine operated by Microsoft.

Bing is known as a free web search engine that is operated and owned by Microsoft. It was the replacement for Live Search, founded in June 2009.
Developed using ASP.NET, the features of Bing include showing suggestions while the queries are entered into the search tab. Bing makes use of semantic technology that shows the execution of results in no time.
It takes into account almost more than 1,000 signals to show the websites on the Search Engine Result Pages.
Bing search engine is much more than a simple search.
With Bing, you can explore the world with a 360 search that is operated by augmented reality in the near me camera search. You can also search for your questions through images, videos, voice, and barcodes. Bing also lets you connect to the search results and device applications you can trust.
Not only do you get to search with this search engine, but you can also discover trending music, live cricket updates, movie information, nearby deals, and much more.
Whenever you search on Bing, along with providing the search results, you also get a set of related searches on the left side of the search engine. You are also provided with a quick link to see the entire search history.
Bing’s quick preview provides you with an idea of what is on the site before you actually go to browse it. The instant answer feature of Bing grabs all the important information that you require on your query, then you are good to go with your results.
This is the only search engine on the web that rewards you for your curiosity. As you start searching through Bing, you get rewarded with points. The points you get can be easily redeemed at Starbucks, Amazon, and more.
Bing also lets you search through photos and voice files. For example, it identifies what song you are playing and the voice search will bring you web results. Snap a photo to find a similar kind of picture and use the barcode scanner to compare the price of products.
Microsoft has termed Bing “Decision Change” as this search engine is designed to return the results in a format that is organized to answer your question a proper way.
In July 2009, Yahoo and Microsoft announced that Bing will also power Yahoo search but, as time went on, Yahoo was only required to use Bing for search purposes.
As of 2015, Bing is known as the second largest search engine in the United States. Now, it has a query volume of 20.9% and is used by many users throughout the world.]]>

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