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Balsamiq Mockups is a wireframing tool that helps you to create drafts for websites and apps quickly and easily.

Balsamiq is known as a mockup and wireframing tool that lets you create, sketch, and share the user interface mockup for web and mobile apps.
Founded in March 2008, Balsamiq has aimed to make the world a better place by creating an easy-to-use software. Launched in June 2008, the first product created by Balsamiq was Balsamiq Mockups.
Balsamiq mockup is a tool that helps software designers make great software by letting them sketch out their ideas, as well as collaborate and discuss them.  It is also known for the website wireframe builder application and Graphic User Interface mockup for software developers.
This interface allows the designer to stack widgets, pre-built by using a drag and drop WYSIWYG editor. With this tool, any software designer or developer can unleash his creativity, as it is a rapid wireframing tool that lets you work in a smart and faster manner. You can create mockups at the speed of thought, and can also experience working on a whiteboard, but graphically.
Balsamiq mockups also offer you the feedback that will let you focus on conversation and content. The Sketch style control encourages brainstorming, while the clean wireframes option will let you present the work in a cleaner way.
This tool requires little investment and will let you create the design according to time frames. The version control feature stores all the revision history of your designs, while the user test early feature will let you run the tests and print the prototypes. Known as the perfect tool for agile teams, it will give you more time for writing and discussing code.
It is also known to be an ideal tool for top-notch functionality. With the in-between tool for designers, developers, and managers, Balsamiq mockup is designed for smooth collaboration between teams.
This tool adapts with your style of design and has versions that run on the web, desktop, web applications, and also as a plugin to your bug tracker and wiki.
The third-party extensions of Balsamiq provide you with access to custom icons, tools, controls, and other tools for exporting code and HTML.
The app is keyboard friendly and the simplest of keyboard shortcuts will get you the user interface element you require to add to your page. Every component of the Balsamiq app is completely interactive- you can simply choose the color, add text, and click on the buttons for creating a design. With Balsamiq’s import feature, you can import all your files on your devices and complete edits on the go.
Moreover, Balsamiq mockups also offer the enhanced capabilities to support multiple screens in one file while you work on designing the software.
This application is offered for desktop and can also be integrated with JIRA, Google Drive, and Confluence.
Balsamiq mockup earned a net income of over $6,600,000 sales in the first three years and has still been gathering positive reviews.]]>

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