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Audiense is known as a marketing platform for Twitter that will give you a 360-degree view of your audience and will let you manage your Twitter accounts on the go.

Formerly known as SocialBro, Audiense is a marketing platform for Twitter that enables the users to engage with their audience. It is a tool used to garner the detailed information of  your Twitter community, allowing you to define your target audience.
It is a powerful and unique suite of solutions that will let you captivate potential buyers by using the remarkably detailed information on over a billion people. Founded in 2011, it is one of Twitter’s best partners, certified for both advertising and analysis.
With Audiense, you can reach new segments of your business, build one-to-one relationship with clients, and gain marketing intelligence. Also, this platform gives you the details regarding the best time to tweet to target the various segments of your audience.
It lets you view the market through the smartest lens possible, and will also provide you with a 360-degree view of your audience. Through Audiense, you can analyze the progress of your campaigns and also gain a proper understanding of key influencers and followers.
You can also compare your strategy with that of your competitors and improve yours accordingly.
This platform comes with tools like Audiense’s benchmarking tool that can be used to compare the progress of the account to other similar accounts. You can also keep a track of DMs that are sent to a specific target audience.
If you run a business and use Twitter for your campaigns then you can also gain the insight into the competitor’s activity, their everyday behavior, and details about their followers through their Twitter dashboard. You can also understand the characteristics of their Twitter community, which includes the location of the followers, their work niche, and their behavior.
The Audiense platform will keep you aware of these insights and consumer engagement through a combination of traditional marketing, cognitive science, and social data. With this tool, you can easily understand the audience that matters to your business.
It captures the power of real-time intelligence, understands the behavior of the individuals, takes your focus up a mark, and will also help you make strategic decisions with deep insights. Through Audiense, you can also shape content for your targeted audience and measure their performance through a Twitter Analytics report. Find out what content works for your audience and how similar accounts are managing their communities.
Currently, a wide range of enterprise clients, including Premier League football clubs, sports brands, news publishers, major clothing brands, and even the United Kingdom government uses Audiense.
The team of Audiense ensures that you will be able to gather insights about your followers and will be able to get the most of your investment through their advanced micro-targeting features. Since its inception, Audiense has been continuously thriving to develop the platform in such a way that it maximizes  businesses strategical and tactical investments. So unlock new opportunities, mobilize these strategies, and increase your brand equity through Audiense.]]>

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