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The Ultimate WooCommerce Store Starter Set 05/2019

To start an online shop with WordPress and WooCommerce is pretty easy. You can download the open source code from the official repository and you are ready to go. But when it comes to making this store ready for the…

Add Structured Data for WooCommerce

Structured data helps you to present the content of your WooCommerce store. It formats information in a machine-readable format. Google and other search engines use this data to aggregate content. This snippet creates a simple JSON output and adds…

Google Customer Reviews Snippet for WooCommerce

With this snippet, you can implement Google Customer Reviews in your WooCommerce store. In order to make this snippet work, you will need to get your merchant ID from your Google Merchant Center. The snippet consists of three parts: (1)…

GDPR Opt-out for Sendinblue Wordpress Plugin

If you are using the official Sendinblue for WordPress plugin, you may have recognized that it provides an excellent feature of tracking user behavior. When enabling the tracking for marketing automation feature in Sendinblue’s WordPress plugin, you are able to…

WooCommerce Disable Free Shipping for Shipping Class

If you want to deactivate free shipping on WooCommerce for certain products, this snippet may help you. It disables all free shipping methods for products of a particular shipping class. This snippet allows you to disable free shipping if a…

Hide WooCommerce Backend Login for Non-Admins

This snippet allows you to prevent backend access for non-admins. It will not increase your store’s security significantly, but it will help you to hide the default WordPress login page. Careful: if you use this snippet, please be aware that…

Override Website Name for Yoast SEO on Wordpress Multisite

If you are running your Website on a WordPress Multisite setup, you may want to set a site name to be able to distinguish between your websites from the WordPress backend. By default, this site name will then be used…

Disable Email and Phone Transmission to DHL for WooCommerce (Enable Customer Privacy)

If you are using the official DHL for WooCommerce plugin, you may have recognized that the plugin automatically sends customer email addresses and phone numbers to DHL. In the context of data privacy and GDPR you may want to disable…

Increase WooCommerce AJAX Variation Treshold (Enable Conditional Variations)

On WooCommerce, if you have a product with many variations, you may see no conditional display of variations anymore. Especially when your product has more than one attribute which can be selected, you may want to enable the selection of…

Customize Woocommerce Cross-Sells Output

This snippet helps you to customize the output of your cross-sells on WooCommerce’s cart page. Modify the variable to increase or decrease the number of products shown on your cart page.

WooCommerce Conditional Suffix for VAT and Free Shipping Scenarios

If you are using price suffixes in WooCommerce, you may want to make them conditional based on different VAT and shipping cost scenarios. By default, the same suffix will be shown to all products across your store. This snippet helps…

Customize WooCommerce Upsells Output

This snippets helps you to modify the number of upsell products which are shown on WooCommerce product pages.

GDPR Opt-out for Facebook for WooCommerce Plugin

If you are using the official Facebook for WooCommerce plugin, you may have recognized that it does not allow you to select if you want to use the Facebook Pixel on your store. It forces you to enable the pixel…